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Case Study: Financial Services Fortune 500 Insurance Company


US Strategic Leadership Team (10 members)


One client of ours had a newly-hired President with an urgent need to establish a strategic growth plan.  This President was concerned with bringing the leadership team together as a true team while addressing issues of counter-productive team behaviors.   Additionally, there was a need to develop the individual leadership capabilities of the executive team members.

Program Design

First, Catalytics conducted individual interviews and administered the Birkman assessment of the team to identify both individual and team strengths and needs.  This tool was used to establish leadership development goals and prepare an initial SWOT analysis for the strategic planning process.

We then prepared a Contextual Assessment to summarize the initial results and develop specific objectives.  The assessment was also used to customize the balance of the program.

The program we co-developed with the client covered a 6+ month period.  Catalytics facilitated a series of team meetings to develop the strategic plan and assess and improve overall team performance.  In parallel with the team meetings, we also conducted individual coaching sessions before and after each team meeting.  These meetings were used to focus team members on progress against their individual leadership development goals.


Our client developed and rolled out a new 5-year strategic plan.   The plan unified the leadership team, uniquely positioned the business for future success, and moved the organization towards a more performance-based culture.  Executive reports also stated the plan also energized the entire company!

In the process, individual leaders and the team achieved dramatic improvements in key areas to include: decision-making; planning and prioritization; accountability and follow-through; openness and trust and capitalizing on differences among team members.