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Team Coaching

Team Coaching

The best leadership teams share a passion for the organization’s purpose and have an unwavering commitment to work individually and collectively towards common goals. Our solutions equip leadership teams with the knowledge, capabilities and motivation to excel.


Our approach to developing leadership teams is based on the same stakeholder centered coaching principles as our Executive Coaching for Sustainable Change.

In our team coaching model, team members act as the primary stakeholders for other team members in the coaching process. Our team coaching programs combine individual coaching sessions and group development activities and typically include the following core components over a six-month period:

Assess Team's

  • Team Member Individual Interviews
  • Input of Other Key Stakeholders
  • Team Personality, Dynamics & Norms

Identify Team

  • Team Review of Assessment Results
  • Identification of Two Behaviors to Drive Team Improvement
  • Team Action Plan

Identify Individual

  • 1:1 Interviews Among Team Members
  • Identification of Two Behaviors to Drive Personal Improvement
  • Individual Action Plan

Execute the
Action Plans

  • Team & Individual Action Plans
  • Regular Check-Ins with Other Team Members
  • Informal Feedback & Feedforward

Coach &
Facilitate Development

  • Monthly Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Review & Application of Input from Check-Ins
  • Periodic Team Coaching to Facilitate Progress

& Sustain Benefits

  • Anonymous Surveys
  • 3 months & 6 months
  • Team Members & Key Stakeholders
  • Individual & Team Sustainability Plans