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Executive Team Workshops

Executive Team Workshops

The best leadership teams share a passion for the organization’s purpose and have an unwavering commitment to work individually and collectively towards common goals. Our solutions equip leadership teams with the knowledge, capabilities and motivation to excel.


One of our most advanced specialties is improving leadership team effectiveness through experiential workshops.

We use an Action Learning methodology that is based on the principle that adults learn best by doing. We engage the team in solving a real-world business problem that’s important to the team, while also creating real time opportunities to reflect on and improve the team’s performance as they work on the problem. The workshop activities are supplemented by individual feedback and coaching to support team members in their personal growth and development.

Our inquiry-driven group facilitation process promotes original thinking, challenges assumptions, creates clear and robust problem statements and solutions, and leverages the diversity of thinking and experiences within the team to build on one another’s perspectives and create innovative ideas and solutions.

Although each engagement is unique, most leadership team workshops include the following components:

Contextual Assessment

One-on-one interviews with team members to discuss their leadership strengths and development needs, the strengths and needs of the team, and the key business issues of the organization. One output of the contextual assessment is a Problem Statement for the team to work on.

Personality Profile

Completion of an individual personality profile such as Myers Briggs, DISC, Birkman, etc.) for each of the team members to understand their personal interests, styles, and needs, as well as similarities and differences within the team.

Action Learning Team Session

Meetings with the executive team to review the Contextual Assessment results and work on the Problem Statement. The personality profile results help members understand similarities and differences and improve team performance.

Real Time Team Coaching

During the Action Learning session, discussion of the team’s performance, identification of opportunities to improve, and real time application of the learning. The output of the Action Learning Session is agreed upon strategies, plans and accountabilities to fully solve the problem.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions to provide feedback to individual team members on their participation in the team meeting and establish ongoing personal development goals and plans.