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Inner GUTS℠

Inner GUTS℠

Consultative Selling Program for Non-Sales Professionals

The sales department isn’t the whole company, but the whole company better be the sales department.

The Catalytics approach to teaching sales skills to non-sales professionals employs underlying principles of our well-established GUTS℠ selling curriculum and adapts them to other functional areas and non-sales roles where the ability to understand and influence through consultative principles and practices is key to success.

The workshop is designed to respond to the needs and priorities of leaders, HR professionals, change management roles, coaches, continuous improvement functions, internal service groups and many others.

Inner GUTS℠ addresses the inter-personal practices and skills that are required to understand and move others on a personal level. Participants also learn Catalytics’ consulting framework, processes and tools that can be applied in a wide variety of business situations. This provides participants with the capabilities and practical business consulting knowledge to work with others in developing and implementing win-win solutions that produce sustainable results.

While every Inner GUTS℠ workshop is customized to our client’s specific needs and program, the following are common workshop objectives and a sample agenda.



Develop a more consultative and client-oriented team culture.


Establish consistent influencing and client relationship management approaches and the application of best practices for the entire organization.


Build a greater sense of team and develop a better understanding and appreciation of similarities and differences among team members and ways to improve team effectiveness.


Prepare participants to more confidently position themselves as advisors to their clients.


Create workshop follow-up tools and plans to reinforce the learning and support participants in applying their new skills.


Provide practical knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied to improve individual and team performance.


Day 1

Non-Sales Selling Principles
Inter-Personal Influencing Skills
Problem Discovery & Definition
Developing & Recommending Solutions
Gaining Commitment & Follow-Through
Cultivating Consultative Relationships

Day 2

Business Consulting Principles
Catalytics Four Corner Consulting Framework
Power Tools of Consulting
Personal Development Planning
Post-Workshop Action Plan