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Grand Unified Theory of Selling


GUTS – the Grand Unified Theory of Selling – is a consultative sales training program created in 2007. The training brings together the very best elements of a wide range of sales principles, consulting practices, communication technologies and personality assessments into a unique, simple and powerful model to teach and develop consultative selling skills. It’s built on the principle that the best salespeople really don’t sell. They help their prospects buy.

“…the best salespeople really don’t sell. They help their prospects buy.”

The heart of GUTS℠ is a two-day interactive workshop that combines instruction with skills practice, focuses on real-world client issues and ensures that participants leave with specific account strategies and an action plan to continue their personal development.

The GUTS℠ approach also includes an upfront assessment phase to customize the training topics, and workshop follow-ups and refreshers to reinforce the learning.

While every GUTS℠ workshop is customized to our client’s specific needs and program, there are some common workshop objectives.


Improve consultative selling and relationship management skills across the entire spectrum of sales and account management activities.

Develop a better understanding of individual sales styles, strengths and developmental needs.

Provide practical knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied to improve individual and team performance.

Create Workshop follow-up tools and plans to reinforce the learning and support participants in applying their new skills.


Day 1

Principles of Selling
Planning & Tracking Sales Activities
Gaining & Maintaining Trust
Inner Game of Selling
(using Birkman personality assessment)
Planning & Conducting Meetings
Identifying Needs & Pain

Day 2

Addressing Budget & Authority Issues
Developing & Recommending Solutions
Converting Sales Opportunities
Following Up After the Sale
Developing New Business
Account Planning
Individual Action Planning