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Turnaround Business Performance

Your business and leaders under stress?

Nothing challenges or tests an organization and its leaders more than poor business results, especially in situations where performance has declined rapidly or unanticipated events have created a business crisis.

Under such pressures, many well-meaning leaders take broad-based and aggressive action — but unfortunately without a clear overall plan or strategic focus. Solutions are developed and launched without fully understanding the problem to be solved, the resulting changes are either sub-optional or counter-productive and employees find themselves busier than ever but less productive. Activity becomes confused with effectiveness, creating a downward performance spiral that occurs far too often.

In addressing situations requiring a quick and effective business turnaround, we employ our RAPID℠ approach. This methodology provides a structured and deliberate approach to efficiently address the most challenging of business conditions. Although each turnaround situation is unique, our approach includes a standard sequence of stages that leverage best consulting practices:

  • Review of available performance data
  • Comprehensive assessment of all potential need areas
  • Prioritization of competing needs
  • Selection of strategic levers that will have the greatest positive impact
  • Translation of strategies into actionable goals
  • Execution with clear accountability, visibility and tools to measure, monitor and manage results