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Business Development Training Program for SCC Coaches by SCC Coaches

SCC GUTS is a comprehensive business development training program addressing the specific needs of SCC coaches. It’s based on Catalytics Performance Consulting’s GUTS workshop (the Grand Unified Theory of Selling). GUTS combines proven sales principles and consulting practices in a simple and powerful consultative selling model. 

GUTS was created 15 years ago by Catalytics’ Co-Founder Bill Guerin, an SCC Certified Coach.  Last year Bill partnered with Andy Taylor to develop SCC GUTS. Andy is a Master Certified SCC Coach and in charge of Marshall Goldsmith’s Online Coach Certification Training Platform. Andy and Bill conducted an SCC GUTS pilot program last Fall with 14 SCC Certified Coaches and the results were outstanding. They are now offering the SCC GUTS program to the SCC community and accepting registrations for 2021 Spring & Summer Classes.


The 2021 SCC GUTS classes are live virtual programs delivered in 6 weekly modules of 2.5 hours. They combine formal instruction with hands-on skills practice and are done in an interactive, fun manner!  Workshops address participants’ unique challenges and provide specific strategies, action plans and resources to apply immediately.

The program is designed for SCC coaches of all experience levels and address:

  • Establishing & Executing a Business Plan
  • Business Development EQ
  • Consultative Selling Principles
  • Personal Branding & Marketing
  • Building & Maintaining Trust
  • Identifying Needs & Pain
  • Addressing Budget & Authority Issues
  • Developing & Converting Solutions
  • Planning & Executing Sales Meetings


Spring 2021 Class (CLOSED)
Tuesdays, Noon – 2:30 PM EST
April 20 – May 25
Summer 2021 Class
Thursdays, Noon – 2:30 PM EST
June 3 – July 8


Participant Registration – $2750
Advance Preparation – 2 hours
Work Between Classes – 2 hours/week

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