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Sustainability Centered Coaching℠

Sustainability Centered Coaching℠

Maximizing ROI in Executive Coaching

With the growth of executive coaching over the past decade, many organizations have significantly increased their investments in coaching, but may not be achieving an acceptable or lasting return on those investments. Catalytics’ developed Sustainability-Centered Coaching℠ model is grounded in demonstrating the business benefits of coaching, ensuring long-term improvements and maximizing the ROI during the engagement.

Sustainability-Centered Coaching℠ is based on best practices from a variety of development modalities and adult learning principles. Our approach is unique in how we:

  • Understand and leverage the executive’s strengths in addressing development areas
  • Establish a coaching coalition of key stakeholders to support the executive’s development
  • Integrate development activities with the executive’s ongoing job responsibilities
  • Challenge assumptions to remove barriers and stimulate fresh thinking and new behaviors
  • Establish sustainability goals at the end of the coaching program to ensure continued development

Individual coaching engagements are typically six months in duration and include four distinct stages: