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Three Pillar Approach

Consultative Advising

Our underlying philosophy in delivering consulting services is best described as Consultative Advising, which is an agile approach to helping your business implement the best solutions most quickly. The Consultative aspect is how we enter new engagements—with a natural curiosity, and motivation to learn and understand. We ask provocative questions to challenge assumptions, remove barriers and stimulate new thinking and behaviors. We embrace the principle that a problem well-defined is half-solved, so in the early consulting stage we value questions over statements and ensure that problems are well-defined and sufficiently understood before moving to solutions.

The Advising dimension recognizes that clients hire us for our expertise and expect us to add unique value. Our consultants are seasoned executives with first-hand experience addressing the challenges you’re facing today. We have a breadth and depth of knowledge, models, tools and other resources to draw upon in addressing your challenge. Once we are satisfied that we have fulfilled the Consultative dimension of an engagement, we very consciously pivot to the Advising role and are well-positioned to confidently recommend a solution that is tailored to your needs and priorities.

Four Corner Consulting Framework™

Catalytics’ first step in any consulting engagement is to conduct a Contextual Assessment to ensure our recommended solution will produce the performance improvements required. While the breadth and depth of the assessment will vary depending on the nature and size of the project, the core purpose is to understand the current state of the business, identify where it wants to go and develop strategies for getting there.

We complete the Contextual Assessment using our Four Corner Consulting Model℠ to provide a thorough understanding of four categories of interrelated needs. The output of the assessment process is a Contextual Assessment Report that identifies the Current State of the business in each of the four Need areas; the associated desired Future State; a Gap Analysis and recommended strategies and actions to move the organization from where it is to where it wants to be.

Strengths-Based Development

In recent years, the paradigm of organizational improvement has shifted to strengths-based development. Focusing on flaws, or weaknesses, is an antiquated approach to performance improvement. What matters most—and what’s been shown to work—is understanding and leveraging the natural talents and strengths of the individuals in the organization. Catalytics embraces a strengths-based orientation, and seeks to apply these principles in all our consulting work. We firmly believe that by understanding and elevating what is right—with individuals, and within organizations —we’ll create a workplace that is more engaging and satisfying, and newfound levels of business success.

We are actively involved in learning and applying the best practices through our membership in professional associations, participation in strengths-based conferences and forums and the use of assessment tools and other resources. Your organization will benefit not only from our experience, but from our commitment to continuing education.